Welcome Address

A warm welcome to the DGPs/ÖGP congress 2020 in Vienna!


As Presidents of the 52. DGPs congress / the 15. ÖGP conference, we are delighted to welcome you to this academic event. Organised and hosted by the DGPs with support from the ÖGP, the event will take place in September 2020 in the beautiful city of Vienna.

Vienna has already quite a reputation for psychology: Sigmund Freud and Charlotte Bühler, Franz Brentano and Marie Jahoda called it home. However, this is the past, while the congress lies ahead of us to reinvigorate the intimate relation between city and discipline: We are over the moon since we know that you, our highly appreciated friends and colleagues, will pay us a visit in Vienna. Here is how we prepare for your visit.

Firstly, we could have moved to one of the huge anonymous conference facilities that so many cities now offer, where you could fall asleep in one venue and wake up in another without noticing, as everything in these concrete blocks looks universally similar. Instead, we wanted to share University of Vienna’s true inner-city-Ringstrassen feeling with you. Therefore, we chose the University of Vienna as the venue. The conference will be held in the traditional main building of the University of Vienna, built in the late 19th Century under the architect Heinrich Ferstel. The main building has been partly refurbished recently. You will see some nicely renovated rooms. However, we have to compromise for some come-togethers, as our AudiMax is in all likelihood too small to accommodate all of us. With three keynotes in parallel, we hope to alleviate this incommodity a little. Take the opportunity and indulge a keynote off your beaten track if you find the AudiMax already stuffy.

Secondly, the social event, our “Gesellschaftsabend”! For as long as we all can think back, it has been on a Wednesday, hasn’t it? Please take our apologies, for braking with this tradition. We shifted to Tuesday, as this will give us the opportunity to celebrate in the ballroom of Vienna’s town house. Please note already today that therefore DGPs subdivisions (“Fachgruppen”) will have to meet on Wednesday instead.

Thirdly, we will try a novel way of poster presentations. Due to heightened fire security requirements, it is difficult to find a room for hundreds of posters, but it is also difficult to find a time for a single poster session. We therefore opted to present the posters throughout the whole conference, in parallel to the other presentations. If you present a poster, you can now show it for several hours (but we will kindly ask you for your presence at the poster for only a shorter period within these time slots). We also intend to hang the posters at different places, but be assured that all poster locations are along the ways that the crowd covers anyways, such as to and from coffee serving. We, thereby, hope to get more out of the posters than hitherto, but we should all please keep in mind that for this to work out, all of us should take our time to pay the posters a visit as often as possible.    

In closing, let us link back to the motto of the congress: Psychology links. We invite you to not only meet in Vienna, but to intellectually and emotionally link to one another and to the ideals of liberty, tolerance, and unity at the foundation of our valued scientific discipline, Psychology.

Looking forward to meeting you all for a congress that we shape together!

Ulrich Ansorge & Christian Korunka